Getting ready for a new CustomPhotoJewelry launch!


So excited to be getting ready to re-launch  It has been almost a year in the making with new products, new ideas and a brand new website. I hope everyone will love it!  

Our classic photo jewelry collection has been expanded as we've redesigned our brand.  We've retired some older designs and added many new styles including new pendants, bracelets and necklaces.  With all the changes in style and design, we hope our jewelry will continue to be a reflection of a love for family .  Photo jewelry has been around since the early 19th century, these material objects were created as a lasting remembrance of loved ones past and present.  It is our hope these meaningful jewelry pieces of the past will continue today to convey a subtle statement about what we treasure most.  

As an extension to our product line, I'm super excited to showcase a collection of artisan design jewelry.  I came across an amazing designer and absolutely loved her handmade jewelry.  Each piece is so beautiful and unique and made of quality sterling silver, gold and semi-precious stones.  The stones in each design are balanced perfectly with the sterling and gold, none overpowering  the other.  This jewelry is such a beautiful combination of genuine artistry, quality materials and craftsmanship.  There are many times I have come across jewelry at a local artists fair that I've admired, but was often afraid it may not hold up well over time.  The pieces of this collection exhibit the uniqueness you desire when searching for an artisan design, but also maintain the quality and craftsmanship which will last a lifetime or more, as you pass them down through the generations.

On another artistic note, I started making time to feed my own creative needs, (the ones that has been thrown in the back of the closet behind all the kids sporting equipment, lol!)  The past few years have been a struggle to maintain a balance between kids, work, house, sports, etc. and somewhere my creativity has been pushed to the side.  I'm happy to say I've begun enjoying a little "me time" and have created a new line of mosaic belt buckles.  I've been working on these for about a year and really love the results.  The collection of one of a kind buckles are each designed with beautiful beads, natural stone and hand cut glass pieces, each of which is meticulously placed into patterns and colors, creating a one of kind artwear accessory.  Each buckle represents hours of work and is a unique piece which will never be replicated, certain to dress up any pair of jeans!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to maintain a weekly blog as I kick off 2014, introducing new pieces as I work on them as well and tell a little of the stories behind the our jewelry.