Mother's Day - Celebrate Mom with Style!

Mother's day is approaching fast.  I know its hard to start thinking about another holiday when Easter is still just next week and there is always a lot to get done, but don't forget to celebrate the Moms in your life this year with an extra special personalized gift.  Maybe even pick out something for yourself, you know you deserve it!  

Think about it, who else just filled 200 plastic eggs with treats and got up extra early to hide them?  Who went to Target and spent way too much on overpriced candy and toys to fill those baskets? (you know the ones you forget you have 20 of in the basement and buy new every year!)  Who just went shopping for Easter outfits, spending hours looking for something that they will actually wear?    

Let's face it, most husbands are lacking when it comes to thinking about great Mother's day gifts.  If we're lucky, our guys will have the kids color a hand-made card for us ten minutes before we get out of bed.  If we're really lucky, we'll awake to the kids making breakfast for us and smile through it as we admire the overwhelming mess we find left in the kitchen.   So for all you do as a Mom, treat yourself to something special this year, a personalized gift that celebrates what you love the most, family, because as hard as it is to be a Mom, we wouldn't change it for the world!